“Maybe Tonight”–What’re the Chances!

14 02 2010

Actually, “Maybe Tonight” Was a Very Popular Candy Slogan, And the Chances Were 1 in 8

I have no opinion—at all—on the color and expression changes made to conversation hearts. They’ve added and dropped sayings every year for as long as I can remember, so I don’t see why anyone would suddenly care. As for the color, as long as they’re even remotely pastel I see no cause for concern. I’m really just jumping here at the chance to pay homage to one of the best Arrested Development episodes ever (“Marta Complex”, original air date 2/8/04).

According to msnbc.com, your chances of getting the new “Tweet me” message are 1 in 80.

For a vintage (2004) assembly of statistical data on the average sack of conversation hearts, read this illustrated report. It’s thoroughly entertaining. Number of “U R A STAR” messages in their sample bag? Four. “U R A QT”? Ten. “U R A 10?” One. They reported five as unreadable (which seems low). Some of their “zero counts” are clever.

If you’re looking for the Sweethearts® Conversation Hearts iPhone® app or Twitter® account, you can find them here.


Vappy Halentine’s Day

14 02 2010

This Year, Give the Gift of Metal Roses

Garrison Dean over at io9 so totally made my day with this Valentine’s Day card, which was one in a series of science fiction-themed designs:

There’s a HAL card and a Planet of the Apes card, too. Good stuff.

Notice the image of a cat on the heart that the second, T-Rexish set of arms is holding—nice nod to the whole cat-food-as-crack motif!

District 9 is up for four Academy Awards next month: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Visual Effects. I’d like to see it take all four of those, including Best Picture, but it’s up against critics’ darling Precious. Oh, and also that other movie about aliens—Smurfy aliens. What was that inferior 2009 science fiction movie called? Avolta-something? Viatar-blah-blah-blah? Surrogates? Dances with Wolves? The Hype Machine? Oh, who cares. I’ll never see it.

My friends say I should just throw it away. That it’s just a piece of rubbish. That it couldn’t possibly come from him. But I know it’s true.