Thirty-Five Days Until Post-Recession Edition Walmart Trample-a-thon!

22 10 2009

Shop-at-Home Holiday Gift Guide, Item #1: H1N1 Plush

Check out this tasteless gem on offer from the National Academies Press. Like most nerds, the pencil-and-paper gamer in charge of merch at NAP has no sense of humor, but thinks he does. Here’s proof positive, and in plenty of time to benefit from the impulsiveness inherent in your ersatz sense of gift-buying urgency:

Nice backdrop. What is this, eBay?

Does that tag say “1,000,000x actual size”? I think it does. Gimmicky.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that person on your list who has everything and appreciates nothing, you can find the swine flu plush among the array of finger puppets and ghastly novelty ties at the NAP online store.

NB: Although it would probably be hella fun, this snide gift guide thing will not, in all likelihood, become a regular feature of this blog, because I have no follow-through.