Visuals Issued For Cautionary Tale

17 03 2010

It Was Disgusting to Say the Least

And by disgusting I mean disgustingly awesome. SNL played another Lonely Island music video last Saturday. This one was for the song “Boombox”, which features guest vocalist Julian Casablancas.

Yeah, so it’s pretty amazing, right?

Look—Casablancas’ hair thinks it’s on Imogen Heap’s head!

In his post on the “Boombox” video, Pitchfork’s Tom Breihan opines that it “features, arguably, the most expressive and emotional Casablancas vocal performance ever“. I haven’t listened to Casablancas’ solo album yet, so I wouldn’t know about that, but I will say that by the end of this thing Casablancas is straight-up channeling Freddie Mercury.

Juxtaposition time. Something old, something older, something borrowed, something something.

L: Everyone was wearing Piet Mondrian. R: Everyone was wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

L: A Spanish guy doing The Bartman. R: The Bartman doing The Bartman.

Finally, to artificially connect some disparate dots, here’re a few 1980s visuals that director Roman Coppola incorporated into the video for The Strokes’ “Hard to Explain”, which is towards the top of my list of personal favorite music videos of all time:

L: Pole Position, as played by AI in D.A.R.Y.L. (1985). R: Tic-tac-toe, as played by AI in WarGames (1983).


ATTN8 Endorsed by the Federal Commission of Assigned Meaning (FCAM)

2 09 2009

Back-to-School Sale on Editing Software Yields Bionic Zoom, Transitioning FX for ATTN Franchise

There’s so much to rave about that I don’t know where to start. The return of Andrew. The Maggie Rodriguez variable. The use of the phrase “losing men out there”. Not to mention the eerie M83-inspired base track. This is the Auto-Tune the News of my dreams!

ATTN8 reducto ad absurdum

I'm not one to declare any particular Auto-Tune the News installment to be "the best Auto-Tune the News ever", but this is the best Auto-Tune the News ever. The surprise substitution in the Katie Couric Notebook segment was a great touch for the first Andrew-shorty volley in a long time (I like to imagine that Andrew has been on an Alaskan fishing boat for the summer). My favorite part of Andrew’s duet with Rodriguez---aside from the hilarious F-bomb, of course---was “those geese are cooked\ those geese are cooked, cooked, cooked.\ Wildlife experts and the FAA concur\ those geese are cooked\”. The celebration of the bad-pun minefield that is the web-based content of CBS continues, then. Even the Auto-Tune the News title bars are getting funnier. And Michael Gregory cut his hair. Crazy.  Without further ado, here for your reference (since you can't possibly be seeing this for the first time) is Auto-Tune the News #8: