In the Summer, In the Spring; In Public Places

23 09 2009

On An Island Far Away, Lemonade with My Co Co Co

Coco Before Chanel is Coco before Chanel. This movie is enjoyable. It was a little too long, even by biopic standards, but it’s nice to look at so I didn’t really mind. As a period piece, Coco Before Chanel called for some pretty odd set dressing (e.g., fin de siècle rural French orphanage). I guess my point in mentioning this is that somebody did a really nice job with the details, because I believed every frame. And here’s the skinny on the plot: Coco Chanel is depicted as extremely hardened, pragmatic and self-reliant—which is what the viewer expects, given the implied pattern of abandonment to which she is subjected. Of course, then, the introduction and inevitable removal of a tragic “one true love”  makes for great cinema. Millinery improvisation and melodramatic scissor-snipping are kept to a tolerable minimum.

Even though this film’s not about Chanel the brand, it does end with an amazing coda, or whatever, which involves a parade of models and which is probably flawless in composition. In fact, I hope this part ends up on YouTube, because I want to watch it, like, a hundred times in a row.

Okay, good enough. Now comes the fun part:

Fruits Basket-esque

Chanel overload (photograph by Sebastian Kim, Interview, 2009; obviously, this shitty scan detail doesn’t do it justice—click here for full image)

Eyeing C Chart

Iconic sans-serif C as “piercings”  in eye chart (Symbol Soup, 1999)

Untrust me.

Chanel logo as band logo (allows for endless official and fan-art variations).

I didn't need to change the font--it was eerily identical.

A little something I freaked last year.


Street Date: HEALTH, “Get Color”

8 09 2009

Executioners Are Standing By, So Die Slow: 1-999-GET-COLOR. That’s 1-999-GET-COLOR. That Number Again, 1-999-GET-COLOR. Die Slow.

The new HEALTH album. It’s called Get Color. Don’t try to discern the lyrics. Don’t try to keep still. Do play this in a car full of your friends with the windows down, and do also try it alone with headphones and a bag of Twizzlers Sweet & Sour Filled Twists. This is the best album of the year—and I didn’t think anything was going to beat out Röyksopp’s Junior. When you listen to Get Color, you feel like a non-existent William Gibson character who travels back in time to the mid-1990s in a parallel universe where Brit Pop and the Matador record label don’t exist to play a White Wolf role-playing game to the death in some warehouse made of corrugated sex.

Don't worry, I will.

HEALTH, Get Color. Lovepump United, 2009.

You’ve probably already heard the Get Color track “Die Slow”. Of course, the year’s best single deserves the year’s best video. If you’re prudish or squeamish, there’s plenty to be offended by; if you’re down with all things visceral, there’s plenty to be excited by. Either way, this video’s gonna give you some sort of a charge. Writhing bodies, ritualistic vessel smashing, human sacrifice and choreographed dance inserts. Seldom does one get the opportunity to use the terms bloodbath and eye candy in the same sentence. Now’s your chance:

They directed that themselves. From what I understand, their shows are pretty intense, too.