Oh Crap

4 08 2010

A Brick

Yo, check out this awesome variant that was on BoingBoing today. Animator Landstrider took that washing machine people keep sending you and “[g]ave it eyes and a soul” (his words). Now the washing machine looks less like a washing machine and more like a Pre-Columbian vessel. Or Thomas the Tank Engine.

L: washing machine; R: washing machine with eyes.

L: The eyes of a washing machine, after eating the flesh of a hallucinogenic cactus; R: the eyes of Lowly Worm, after eating an apple.

I’m posting the original too, because of the prolonged convulsion that racks the cabinet even after it’s shed most of its components.

Above: the death throes of an appliance (washing machine), as portrayed in Washing Machine Self Destructs (2010). Below: the death throes of a replicant (Pris), as portrayed by Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner (1982).


Frank Lloyd Wright Textile Block Classic Can Be Yours for $15M

24 06 2009

Voiceover Narration, Unicorn Origami Not Included

The Ennis House, built in Los Angeles in 1924, is for sale:

Look at that gate. That is some straight-up Olmec shit.

Wright did a bunch of these houses, but it was the textile block design of the Ennis House in particular that was recreated for Deckart’s apartment in Blade Runner. I was going to post a slick screen capture, but then I realized that my copy of that film is on VHS LOL.

There are some crazysexycool interior shots on the craigslist Christies Great Estates(R) listing for the property. And here’s one of the structure with its worst face forward (retaining wall + seismically active zone = ongoing Sisyphean struggle):

It’s too bad she won’t live. Then again, who does.

It would appear as though any link that’s at all relevant is included on the Ennis House Wikipedia page.