Postmodern Gods Combine Forces and Officially Blow My Mind

12 09 2008

If My Previous Two Posts Ever Got Together and Made Babies, One of Them Would Look a Lot Like This

As if “Good Morning” weren’t awesome enough, witness as heterochromic Dropout Bear navigates superflat and futuristic Universe City. Empathize as he gets beat down, and savor his defiance of the crapitalist myth of paper as panacaea. I’m about as huge a Murakami fan as can be imagined, but I still wasn’t prepared for this. It’s cooler than a Louis Vuitton purse.

Vandal eyes.

Universe City’s university has neon signage, and only Murakami could send the capital of a Neoclassic facade into cute overload. Oh, and I’m especially fond of the football-playing gorillas.

You got D’s.

Long live KanYe. It’s hard to find a high-quality version for which the embedding hasn’t been disabled; this one’s not bad, and with any luck it won’t be removed for at least a few hours. Behold:



10 09 2008

“I’m Not Like You”

After serving as Japan’s Prime Minister for about a year, Yasuo Fukuda announced his resignation last week. When, during the press conference, a reporter suggested that Fukuda had been “detached” while in office, the sober yin got his yang on. “I can see myself objectively,” he explained, “I’m not like you.” Slam!

In Japan, fans of the Fukuda quote have dropped its first half and have taken to plugging the remaining second half into countless customized phrases as needed. Try it yourself! It’s as easy as “Smurf” or “Abercrombie”:

” I  am/can/have [insert desireable attribute] . I’m not like you.”

And, like Day-Lewis’ “I drink your milkshake” line from There Will Be Blood, Fukuda’s quote (“anata to wa chigaun desu”) has made its way onto a fantastically-designed T-shirt. The accompanying graphic, created from ASCII characters, was appropriated from Japanese internet forum 2channel, where it had been posted anonymously. Online store Club T offers it in over forty color patterns with prices ranging from ¥1,995 to ¥2,415. 

Here’s a decent link:

Vandal I’s

8 09 2008

Idaho University Vandals Recall, Alter Poorly-Designed Football Uniform

Nike sponsored the uniforms, and claims they were manufactured according to design specifications. Idaho insists that the “I” logo was supposed to be higher up, at the belt line. They actually played in these uniforms, as seen here.

Of course the sweat pant butt writing trend—Victoria’s Secret “pioneered” it, right?—comes immediately to mind. That look was tired the second I laid eyes on it. You’re not cute.

Apparently the logos were stitched onto the uniform, and have already been removed. Not in my universe, however. I freaked the image below, if for no other reason, because I could.

There’s blog-clog on this thing all over the place, but if you want the unfortunate details, here’s a link to get you started: