Pew Pew; Pew Pew Pew

6 10 2011

Star Wars, Star Wars; Cool Cool Cool

Okay, so that dude from The Wire is awesome. His character in Community, Professor Kane, is invested with all the candor of a Pierce Hawthorne, but none of the co-dependence. Decidedly out-of-group, Kane is instead detached observer. His status as an outsider vis-à-vis the human race reinforces the fierce exclusivity of the study group, while his status as a professor gives his observations authority. All of this, combined with the pratfall-free gravitas of the character as written, lends Kane’s dialogue a very reliable truth value. Legos “used to be simple”. People are “laughing at” Magnitude. The study group is the “mean clique”. Walks like a duck. Talks like a duck. And so on.

Hot & Brown  Coffee Shop Closet Squatter

On the Chang front, it was partly saxamaphone with scattered facial twitching and a chance of Larry Bird. That Head of Security guy resigned (strangely, his Chicago accent morphed into a Hispanic accent during his resignation speech), so Dean Pelton promoted Chang to Head of Security. But even more noteworthy was the pair’s rambling, internal monologue voice-overs, which were rendered unintelligible by their concurrence. This strategy of mutually-assured deconstruction is Community‘s best slam yet to the voice-over, which the show has always satirized as a tired and lazy device.




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