“Maybe Tonight”–What’re the Chances!

14 02 2010

Actually, “Maybe Tonight” Was a Very Popular Candy Slogan, And the Chances Were 1 in 8

I have no opinion—at all—on the color and expression changes made to conversation hearts. They’ve added and dropped sayings every year for as long as I can remember, so I don’t see why anyone would suddenly care. As for the color, as long as they’re even remotely pastel I see no cause for concern. I’m really just jumping here at the chance to pay homage to one of the best Arrested Development episodes ever (“Marta Complex”, original air date 2/8/04).

According to msnbc.com, your chances of getting the new “Tweet me” message are 1 in 80.

For a vintage (2004) assembly of statistical data on the average sack of conversation hearts, read this illustrated report. It’s thoroughly entertaining. Number of “U R A STAR” messages in their sample bag? Four. “U R A QT”? Ten. “U R A 10?” One. They reported five as unreadable (which seems low). Some of their “zero counts” are clever.

If you’re looking for the Sweethearts® Conversation Hearts iPhone® app or Twitter® account, you can find them here.




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