DispleasedEskimo Is the New Something-Something

13 02 2010

Evolution and Revolution, Flip-Book Style

This is over a month old, but it went viral this week—I came across it on Viral Video Chart, which is compiled by Unruly Media. A 17 year-old kid made an animated short in fulfillment of some sort of school assignment for which, according to the YouTube liner notes, he received “full marks” (I assume that translates as “an A”).

Evolution is kinda my thing, so I was on board from the beginning; I really liked the morphs he freaked to depict advances in warfare and transportation, too. But where he loops the last few bars of the song while the POV does a sustained pull-out into deep space? Cool as hell. It gave me the chills the first time I watched it. Yeah, a flip-book animation gave me the chills. And what?




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