Mother Nature Goes A Little Bit Crazy with the Bronzer

23 09 2009

Blotchy, Irregular Application Leaves Parts of Earth As Orange, If Not As Ridiculous-Looking, As That Tanorexic Dude You Always See at the Gay Bar

The flooding in Georgia and a dust storm in Australia made for some pretty insane visuals:


L: This is something that happens. R: This is also something that happens.

In each case, mineralogy and meteorology collided for some OT-plague, vengeful-God grade activity. Holy crap, that Six Flags is gonna reek during Fright Fest®.

Six Flags

Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Northern Hemisphere, water and earth

Luna Park

Sydney, Australia; Southern Hemisphere, air and earth

There’re some pretty insane “before and after” comparison shots, or whatever you want to call them, mixed in among the rest of the 1000+ photographs on the Flickr pool that I lifted the Sydney images from. Of the two phenomena, the dust storm made for more interesting images—plus the death toll for the Southern-state flooding is at, like, 10, and I felt kinda ghoulish nosing around Google Images for something as frivolous as juxtaposition pics (you’ll notice, though, that it didn’t stop me).

Atlanta Wheel

Six Flags Over Georgia

Sydney Wheel

Luna Park Sydney

Two weeks.

Mars canteen from Total Recall




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