Cornandbeans Is the New Dieselboy

3 07 2009

This Thing is Better Than the Grooveduds Remix, the UNKLE Remix and the Moby Remix Combined

If you don’t like drum N bass, stop reading. If you do, check this out because I am totally feeling it:

Bittersweet Symphony VIP Remix

Ian Slider (a.k.a. cornandbeans, a.k.a. Shelter) has uploads on his Newgrounds page going back to 2006, which means he’s been mixing since he was, like, sixteen or seventeen. So, yeah. Color me impressed.

“Bittersweet Symphony” will always remind me not of the music video, with its Steadicammed long takes, but rather of the last reel of 1999’s Cruel Intentions (a lot of Britpop on that soundtrack).

What is going on?! Don’t you people have any respect?!

When the Verve track’s buildup culminates with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character bursting out of the church doors only to come to a stunned halt that the camera can pan around? Totally awesome.




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